Traditionally used to improve digestion, blood circulation and to relieve muscular aches and pains as well as promote general wellness, Tang Long Imperial Wine is the result of years of research and development of the Chinese Imperial prescriptions.  Unifying the traditions of imperial Chinese medicine and recuperative science, we have successfully concocted one of the best nutritional health tonic in the world for your overall well-being - Tang Long Imperial Wine.

According to China's 20th International Convention, the quality of wine is determined by the grade of water used. Tang Long Imperial Wine is made from the mineral-rich waters of Dong Ping Lake in China, reputed to be one of China's top ten sources of mineral water. As such, our wine is infused with a healthy dose of strontium, silicone, magnesium, calcium, manganese and zinc.

In addition to using the purest of waters, Tang Long Imperial Wine is made of carefully selected aquatic plants with natural holistic effects such as water chestnut, Gordon fruit and lotus seed.

Ingredient Composition

Water Lily, Lotus Root, Lilac, Ginseng, Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn, Gordon Fruit, Lilac, Honey, Nutmeg, Job's Tears, Rose, Cattail, Lotus Leaf Pedicel, White Gourd Seeds, Jujube and Lotus Seeds.

Benefits of Tang Long Imperial Wine

1. Regulates blood pressure
2. Helps to relieve rheumatism and muscle ache
3. Relieves fatigue and improves sleep pattern
4. Replenishes nutrients and revitalise body energy
5. Supplies nutrition to enhance our body constitution
6. Speeds up the process of fat burning and slimming
7. Promotes metabolism for overall wellness.

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